Amy Yu

Always hungry, sometimes foolish.

I am VP of Product Strategy and Data Science in the Audience Science team at Viacom, where I lead the design and development of visual data science platforms that enable data-driven decisions across all of Viacom’s portfolio brands.

I graduated from the Jerome Fisher Program in Management and Technology at the University of Pennsylvania, receiving undergraduate degrees in Computer Science and Economics with concentrations in Finance and Operations and Information Management. I completed my M.S. in Media Arts and Sciences as part of the Macro Connections group at MIT Media Lab, where I was advised by César Hidalgo. My research focused on utilizing digital data to create visual platforms for understanding social phenomena and informing decisions that affect innovation, business, and public policy.

Press: Billboard, NYTimes Magazine, Scientific American, MIT Tech Review, Fast Company, and flowingdata.

Recent Talks: SXSW, DSS, Digital Transformation Summit @ HBS